Behind the Power Curve: Private Pilot Stories & Videos

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in Reflections, Series
Behind the Power Curve: Private Pilot Stories & Videos

Throughout my last 8 years of private pilot flying, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the skies with 46 different passengers in my 2-seat and 4-seat aircraft. Nearly half of my passengers have been first time general aviation flyers, hence their first time sitting in the right seat behind all those dials and switches. I’m sure each can remember one simple line from my pre-engine start briefing – “Before you touch anything, ASK ME FIRST.” 🙂

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I took a 4-year break from sharing my pilot adventures online. During my blogging blackout period, I had some of my most amazing experiences as a pilot. Through this mini-series – Behind the Power Curve –  I’ll share some of those adventures, along with pictures and some with videos.

The Difference With Being a Private Pilot

Being a private pilot and introducing people to general aviation is more than an amazing feeling. Yet, sometimes you’re able to inspire people without even stepping into the cockpit. Days after I ended my 4-year blogging blackout period, I shared a link to one of my recent posts with a business associate and received the following message back from her:

“My most favorite clip, however, was watching you land your plane in Palo Alto. You see, I have a horrible fear of flying and have flown commercially very few times. HOWEVER, next month when we are in Alaska what I am looking forward to most of all is a seaplane out of Ketchikan over the Misty Fjords National Monument. My friends can’t believe this was my idea and have arranged for us to experience this – I think it will be thrilling – BUT am petrified of the landing. So watching your clip was just so “meant to be”!!!!”

So this is one of the reasons I’ve started this series – to share my pilot passions and possibly inspire others.

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Christine Reed Memorial Flight Scholarship

DSC00300-150x150Through my business, J. Elliot Marketing, I’ve awarded $20,000 in flight scholarships to aspiring female pilots in honor of my dear friend, Christine Reed. The Christine Reed Memorial Flight Scholarship ($2,500 per year) is open to women ages 16-30 who have already soloed and are working towards their recreational, sport pilot, or private pilot certificate. Funds are awarded through my partnership with Women in Aviation International and are paid directly to the flight school of the recipient’s choice. The annual application deadline ends in early November.

For more information about this scholarship (including profiles of past winners), visit J. Elliot Marketing – Giving Back.