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At the end of 2008, I celebrated NYE by spending the morning in Paris and the evening partying in Puerta Del Sol in Madrid. That day I decided that one of my three goals for 2009 would be to "be more open." That can mean a lot of things, including being open enough to share my passions and experiences with others and open to the joys and challenges that may create. What emerged (without plan) during 2009 was the writing, design, and self-publishing of two books - "Who I Am" and "The Two Musketeers."

Within this web site, I've provided excerpts of my writings (both poetry
and non-fiction) and give you the opportunity to request a copy of either of my books.

Thank you for visiting and I hope my writings serve to inspire you in some way. If they do, send me a comment and over time, I'll develop a section to post comments.

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