Who I Am

A collection of 42 poems written by Jarard Paige. Book designed also by Jarard Paige.

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Someone once told me that I say the “wrong things.” Someone once told me
that I don’t know how to be nice or express emotion. I won’t say any names, but
whomever told me that knows “who” they are. To that person, I ask that they
read these [few] poems, and then ask themselves if they can say the same.

Within this book, I’ve aggregated each and every poem I have ever written,
as well as a collection of some of my favorite lyrics that provided inspiration
for my own works. The title piece “Who I Am” was the culmination of
my writing adventures. Prior to that time, I’d spent so much of my energy
writing about things I wished I would do or could say. After writing this
piece, I decided to put that part of myself to rest and to focus on making the
most out of the experiences within my life.

Even though “the last time I picked up a pen to write of things hidden
within” was seven years ago, I find it interesting that as much as I’ve grown
as a person, I’m still the same person at my core. Seven years ago, and even
more now, I’m always trying to see the sunnier side of the situation during
challenging moments.

Each of these 42 bodies of work were indescribable explosions of ideas. Each
was written in one sitting and completed in one draft. Looking back on these
works, I can remember the inspiration for each…whether a song, a situation,
a woman, or a dream…and I can honestly say that this is a fair intepretation
of my life, my thoughts, desires, and dreams. Though I did not have the
strength to reread many of these works in the past seven years, I am now
confident enough in myself and these works to share my pride with others.

I hope that you enjoy the writings I’ve collected in this book, and just maybe,
they might assist you in your life in some capacity. Thank you and enjoy!

List of all 42 Poems

Title Poem
Who I Am

My Favorites
Silent Hypocrite
24 Seasons
Fly Upon Wings
Land or Sea?
Six Hours
In My Eyes
Better Written Than Spoken

A Fool So Less Courageous
Not Fair

Innocent Images
Ode to Christine
It Must Be Stricken

Gate B24
Awaited Anxiety
Foreshadowing Vision
Unveil the Blinds
Things Come To Those Who Wait
Champion’s Anthem
Cracked Spectrum
It Would Be Beautiful
A Poem for Monica
No I Can’t Have This One
Have You Ever?
Everlasting Sigh

Everything But…

Lifting the Anchor


Natalie Merchant is a truly exceptional singer and songwriter, and her songwriting had a huge influence on my style of writing. I’ve listed ten of my favorite Natalie Merchant songs, so that you may be understand her writing style and its influence on me. I’ve also included the lyrics to two of these songs in the final pages of this book.

I would also like to offer a few other artists whose lyrics also inspired my writing during this period; Charles River Project, Dave Matthews Band, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, and Essence. There are many others that influenced me, but these were the main inspirations at the time.

Natalie Merchant
My Skin (my favorite song…still gives me goose bumps to this day)
Frozen Charlotte
The Worst Thing
Verdi Cries
Thick as Thieves
Noah’s Dove (the song that made me fall in love with her music)
Dust Bowl
Seven Years

Charles River Project
El Pobrecito
Under the Weight

Sarah McLachlan
Good Enough
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Sheryl Crow
I Still Believe
We Do What We Can
The Book
Ordinary Morning
Crash & Burn

Love Is the Price We Pay
High On You

Dave Matthews Band
The Stone
Say Goodbye