Poem of the Month
Aug/Sept 2011

Reflection: Nearly 9 years ago, I penned what was ultimately my last poem. In this poem, I begun by saying "this is the last time I shall pick up a pen to write of things hidden within." This poem was my way of communicating to myself that I was done with being passive in my life...done with always wishing to do something but afraid of the failure that may occur as a result.

Ironically, this poem was written while on a trip in Arizona the week before I started grad school in Chicago. My grad school education served as the catalyst for my eventual departure from Chicago without a job to the golden lands of California. So it's fitting that I select this poem as the August/September 2011 Poem of the Month, now that I've begun another journey in my life. In July '11, I left my comfortable job at Stanford to set out on another dream - to become a successful business owner.

I don't think I'd be able to live this dream if I never echoed these words. Like always, I hope they provide you with the energy and courage to follow your heart.

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